Here is another AMOS-Created Game, This time it is Matchstick Man by Stuart Fisher

You star as Matchstick Man, and your aim is to collect the match at the far right of the screen, while the First Level is really easy, the levels get more complex over time, with several enemies who want to thwart your Matchstick Collection Plans

The enemies can be a match which hurtles towards you, which you must jump over, and it does turn around off-screen and proceed back towards you, so you must be pretty quick to avoid it

There are Cigarettes which move up and down, which you walk under to avoid them, and you can get Henchmen who are in the ground, but raise something into the air to stop you proceeding

Even much later you get Green Blobs which follow you around, which are slow, but certainly cause some concern when added onto levels with other objects to jump over and/or avoid

The game has a rather nice Title Tune, and if you look closely the 4 Matchstick Men actually dance about to the tune on the Title Screen

When you play, it voices over “You are the only chance we got..” and then shows you the first level, again, a different tune plays over the Game, along with a Buzz-type sound if you get caught by an enemy, and also a “You mean a lot to me” when you collect the match at the end of the level

Once you lose all your lives, you are flamed away to nothing at the bottom of the screen, after which the Game Over screen appears, showing your Final Score!

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