Here we have Space Invasion II by Kevin Gallagher

This is yet another Space Invaders Clone, where you must defeat the Invaders before they get to the bottom of the screen

You also have 4 green bases you can hide under, and shoot through if you want to that is, shoot at the sides of these bases towards the Invaders, and if you are lucky, shoot towards the Space Ship which occasionally flies across the top of the screen

You have unlimited bullets, but the firing rate is slow, bear this in mind, and time your shots, while avoiding the Invader shots which will take a life away

This version runs fast in Kickstart 3.1 so it will be included in the Kickstart 1.3 Collection so it runs at normal speed (well 7 MHz anyway lol -ed)

Publisher: Towerbyte Software
Code: Kevin Gallagher

Views: 557

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