This game is Asteriods II by Mike Seifert from 1992

You pilot a spaceship in the center of the screen, you can move around the screen, when you pass the edge of the screen, you wrap around to the opposite side

Your aim is to shoot the asteroids, which in this version are wire-framed, much like the original arcade version was, and occasionally other space ships will come onto the screen which will fire at you, so need shooting, along with bonus ship which will fly across the top of the screen

There is no Music, But there are some decent ingame Sound Effects, certainly a Good Game to have a quick blast on, plenty of action here

Confusingly, the Documentation says “Permission is hereby granted to distribute this program’s archive” yet in the same document “This program is not in the public domain.” – so based on the fact that you would not be able to play this unless it was fully extracted, it is provided in its extracted form, which should be acceptable

Code: Mike Seifert
Graphics: Mike Seifert

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