Super Pacman ’92 is yet (You guessed it) another Pacman-clone, In this version it does however slightly differ from the Normal run of the mill, here you have different types of Ghosts for example, such as the Green “Wanderer” Ghosts which just Wander around in no specific pattern, The Red “Romer” Ghosts who might chase you, But only when they feel like it, and the Grey “Chaser” Ghosts who will stop at nothing to eat you alive!

There is No Music at all, But all the Sound Effects are there, Eating Dots, Eating Power Pellets, Catching Ghosts, and rather unusually, a “Wooooo” style sound when a Ghost gets close to you, which I have to say, is a very nice touch indeed!

The Level Design works well, But it does appear that the Levels do not change, and there are cut-scenes in-between the levels, which is a nice touch, The Fruit Pickup also sadly stays the same and does not change with each level

The design of the Pacman character is nice, and the Ghosts actually look rather Evil in Design, which really kind of fits into the Game nicely, while I am not a fan of this specific version, It does play well, and those Green Ghosts are really so easy to avoid, even the Red Ghosts are not too difficult to avoid, But it does make them harder to catch as they will not follow you to the Power Pellets like the Chaser Ghosts will

There are 2 versions of this Game, the Standard one, and an Improved Version, Both are now included on the WinUAE Games and also in Amiga Forever RP9 Files!

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