This Dark Unicorn Production Game is Psycho Squares by Shane Monroe, who gave me permission to release the Full Versions of his Games via Twitter, so thankyou for permission Shane

The Game has 13 Rounds, and each round begins with a Grid of eight by eight, with Blue (Positive) and Green (Negative) numbers on them, The numbers inside these boxes range from 1 to 11, and will give you that many points if you pick a Blue number, and remove that many points if you have to pick a Green number

Behind the boxes is an image, which will firstly use the internal included picture, and optionally another image on an various expansion disks which were distributed as well

The rules are as follows, Player 1 can only take a number from the row Horizontally, while Player 2 (or Computer) can only take numbers from the Vertically, and you can only remove numbers from the Row what was chosen by the Last Player, so if P1 picks top left, then P2 can only pick a number from that first row Vertically

Between rounds you get a Score Update, which shows you how well you have played, the Score adds up all previous rounds as well, There is also a Unicorn which will appear in the Winning Players Box

This Game has several Voice Samples, which is a really nice touch, I do like that myself, it really adds to the Game, There is decent Title Screen Music which is pleasant to listen to, and in game there are Sound Effects when the Points are Added/Deducted depending on what Tile you pick

Coder: Shane Monroe
Graphics: Shane Monroe
Music: John Graham

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