Another Commercial Masterpiece has to be Chaos Engine by The Bitmap Brothers (for a PD-version which features similar Gameplay, check out Alien Bash II)

The Bitmap Brothers have made some cracking Games over the decades, and The Chaos Engine will not disappoint you, it is a very well made Game, and there is lots of Action and enough Shooting that you will be firing away till the early hours in the morning

There is a mad professor at the Castle who is conducting experiments, which are far from the standard research, and while upto now, they have not done any damage, this one is called “The Chaos Engine” a weapon of massive proportions, in which people in the village were attacked by mutations and eventually began to realise it was “The Chaos Engine” causing this to happen, so it had to be stopped before it destroyed the world

Step in the 6 Mercenaries (below), whos job it is to kill off these mutations, it is your job to rid the village of them in any way you can

You arm yourself up, and proceed into the World, where you shoot down enemies of all kinds, and pickup tokens which are useful in the Shop to buy upgrades, You also need to Activate Special Nodes which will help you proceed, along with picking up various Keys to open up further parts of the Level

Every couple of levels, there is a Shop where you can Buy Upgrades to Weapons and even Player Health, based on the points you score in each level, ideally pickup everything you can, as the more you pickup, the more Credits you get to spend in this Shop

There are 6 mercenaries in total you can choose from, all with special abilities, they are as follows:

Mercenary – A good all rounder, he is quite mad, and enjoys nothing more than experimenting with a collection of unsavoury weapons

Brigand – Another well rounded talent, and a cut throat bandit to boot

Gentleman – A lean and clever character, he is a dapper chap without a doubt, what he lacks in muscle, he makes up with wit

Navvie – The strongeest of the six characters, a good fighter with heavy weapons, although he only has a few specials they are very distructive

Thug – When it comes to the characteristics he could pass for Navvies Brother, The thug is a mammoth of a man, a little stupid, but very powerful

Preacher – The smartest of the six characters. but then, he has God on his side, Beware his perverse nature is not to be trusted

In closing, this Game is Well Worth Playing, and I would say it is ESSENTIAL to own for ANY Amiga Owner, as it is one of the Best Games ever released for the Amiga Platform, and I truly think it deserves a lot of credit for the Gameplay Elements as well as the Graphical Quality, which is top notch!

Publisher: The Bitmap Brothers
Code: Steve Cargill, Mike Montgomery
Graphics: Dan Malone
Music: Richard Joseph, Farook Joi, Haroon Joi

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