This is Locomotion, a very simple Train-based game, in which you must redirect Trains to their correct stations, within a tight time limit, If you hold the Right Mouse Button, you can temporarily speed up the game, can be useful if you are waiting for the Last Train to make it into a Station before the end of the level

In each level there is a Black Square which tells you, How many Trains you need to get into the correct Train Stations before the level will end successfully, the Blue figure is how many crashes you can have before the level FAILS and causes Game Over, and the Yellow figure, shows the amount of time you have left, in order to complete the level

You start off on Level 1 with some Train Stations, mapped thru A,B,C,D etc, after a few seconds (or quicker if you hold down Right Mouse Button), one will then *BLINK* at you briefly before a Train with a Letter pops out (it can be the same letter as the station it emerged at, meaning you have to redirect it back into the same station, or it can be directed to another train station letter on the map, in which it will disappear into the station

The timer keeps decreasing, unless you complete the level getting all the Trains into the Stations, or if you fail by crashing too many trains, which will result in GAME OVER

Each level has different intersections, which you click on with Left Mouse Button to change its direction, thereby allowing the Train to follow the new route into the station which matches the Train number, eg. Train B must goto Station B in order to decrease the Train Counter towards Zero, which completes the level

The game also has a built-in Level Editor, which allows you to create your own masterpieces if you want to, maybe to challenge you even more than the built-in ones, or to make the game easier

There is a nice Intro Tune when the game is initially loading, but during gameplay, you just hear the sounds of the trains, and a whizz type sound when a new train is about to be released at one of the many stations

Above all, This is an excellent game to try out, it is Single Player, and if you get immersed in the gameplay, you will spend hours before you realise what time it is, yes it is that addictive, I usually put some of my own music on and play with headphones, for that extra realism of being in a Train Station

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