This is Pang (also known as Pomping World in Japan, and Buster Bros. in North America) by Ocean/Mitchell which was released in 1990 – Picked by (@AndrewH251177) on Twitter

Pang is a Ball-popping Game with 50 Stages crossing various locations, such as Mount Fuji, Mount Keirin, Angkor Wat, Ayers Rock and even places like the Taj Mahal

There is a map what briefly appears showing you where you are located before the Game Starts, where you start initially with one bubble to pop, each time you pop this bubble, it gets smaller, and smaller, until the bubbles become really tiny, and just slightly bounce above your head

If a Bubble touches you, You will lose a life, there are also various pickups which will help (or hinder) your gameplay, such as Double Wire, which means you can shoot 2 wires out at once, Power Wire which will stick in place for a while before vanishing, a Force Field which protects you from one hit, and many more

Sometimes Food Items will drop on screen, and these will give you bonus points, as well as some enemies which randomly appear on screen such as seagulls and birds which can be hit by your Wire to kill them

Each location also has a unique background which is shown during the level, Some Blocks can also be shot and will vanish, while some blocks will remain after being hit, there are also sometimes ladders to climb, and areas which you need to get to in hard to reach places from the ground, for example a solid wall protecting a breakable wall, where you need to climb up and shoot the breakable wall and then the Bubble above it to complete the level

This Demo locks to DF0: so is provided as a ADF and RP9 file

Publisher: Ocean / Mitchell
Code: Pierre Adane
Graphics: Thierry Levastre
Music: Pierre-Eric Loriaux

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