This Game is Secret Of Monkey Island from Lucasfilm Games in 1991 – Picked by (@barbinho9) on Twitter

It is set on the Fictional Islands of the Carribean, around the 17th Century, You land on Melee Island, and the islands have are full of pirates, and your wish is to join them and become a pirate youself, But you must do 3 tasks in order to complete the tests they give you

In the Game, you control Guybrush Threepwood, using the Mouse, you can click around the screen to make him move to that location, Click on Characters to talk to them, and other things such as Opening Doors and Using Items on various objects throughout the Game

You must essentially prove yourself worthy of being a Pirate to 3 old pirate captains by solving tasks, and using your Mouse to pick from verbs shown at the bottom of the screen, such as “Use” “Open” and so on, and reply correctly to the chaaracters you are talking too at that moment

There are also various cut-scenes in game which occasionally pop up throughout gameplay and also many locations to discover in this Adventure Game, from The Scumm Bar, to a Circus, to Shops where you can buy items to help you with your quest

Publisher: US Gold
Developer: Lucasfilm Games
Code: Scott Nelson, Edward Kilham, Vince Lee
Graphics: Tami Borowick, James Alexander Dollar, Bill Eaken, Avril Harrison, Ian McCaig, Jim McLeod, Michael Stemmle, Sean Turner
Music: Chris Hülsbeck, Rudolf Stember

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