This is another Bignonia Game, titled Real Popeye, which was released in 1993

You are Popeye and you are tasked with collect anything what Olive Oyl drops from the top of the screen, this can be, for example, Love Hearts on Level 1, Notes on Level 2 and so on

But be aware, Brutus is there to try and stop you, he can grab you from above or below, and throw projectiles at you, which you can hit with your Fists to get rid of them, if any of them hit you, you will lose a life

There are also other enemies which appear at the sides on occasion, and will throw projectiles into the screen from either end, these again can be hit with your fist before they hit you

There is also Spinach which appears at the sides of the screen, not hard to miss, because it is in a Green Tin, which when you hit it, You eat the mixture, and turn Green like the Incredible Hulk, in this mode, you can chase after Brutus, and once you hit him, he will fly around the screen bouncing off the edges for a while, then he will disappear, and come back, ready to try getting you again

When starting at first, there is a choice of C64 Graphics or Amiga Graphics, which is quite a nice touch, The Music is pretty decent, and the Gameplay is Good

Developer: Bignonia
Code: Ard Joosse
Graphics: Ard Joosse
Music: Christian Blaha

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