Here is Tiny Invaders by Manfred Linzner (Pink / Abyss) in 2020

This little gem is a Space Invaders Clone, which is really Great to Play

As with all Space Invaders Games, You start off as a Ship at the bottom of the screen, with your task to wipe out the Alien Invaders as they start moving left and right, while slowly moving down the screen towards you

The Invaders in this Game have a pretty neat wobble effect as they move across the screen, which is actually a nice touch, and also when you Fire and Hit them, there is a nice little explosion graphics which fire off in a particle effect

Blast them all before they get to you, and collect bonuses on the way, such as More Speed, More Bullets, another Life (Ship), and a Mystery Bonus, which are shown at the bottom of the screen, and will highlight once you have picked up the Bonus, and when you are ready to use it, Press Down

There is also a Space Ship which occasionally flies across the top of the screen which you can shoot at for extras as well

Code: Manfred Linzner (Pink / Abyss)

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