This time it is Defender by Giles F. McArdell

You have to look after the Humanoids and protect them from the Aliens which inhabit the Levels

There are several different Enemies, such as Mutants, Bombers, Pods, Swarmers and Baiters each with different abilities as follows

Landers are Green and drift over the landscape until they pass over a Humanoid, at which point they willtry grabbing for them to take up into the air, You can shoot these at which point they will drop the Humanoid, which if they are quite high, must be saved or they splatter into dust if they hit the ground too hard

Mutants are like Landers except these have a Humanoid in the middle, these will home in on you, firing crazy at you

Bombers are Blue and Yellow flashing squares which leave a trail of Bombs across your path, which do eventually disappear

Pods are Pink and sparkle, what drift around, and once shot, disperse a few Swarmers around

Swarmers are Red and will follow you around like a Swarm of Bees

Baiters are thin and green flying saucers what will home in on you at speed, and fire madly at you in order to try and kill you, these appear if you take too long on a level

Developer: Ratsoft
Code: Giles F. McArdell
Graphics: Giles F. McArdell
Sound: Giles F. McArdell

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