Junior’s Great Adventure

This little gem is Junior’s Great Adventure, Created by Amigamers in 2022

You play as Junior, and start with 3 lives, you have been locked in the Cellar by the Bankers Foremen and you must collect all the Coins (Puntos) and Escape to Freedom, over 10 levels

In your way, are Rats which you need to jump over, Foremen (which look like Butlers), these can be jumped on to kill, Spiders which can launch Spider Webs, and many more enemies

There are various traps as well, such as spikes and stakes, which will cost you a life, there are even hidden shortcuts and areas in the levels which you can explore to find extra items

Juniors Great Adventure is a very nice Game, and has some decent Sound Effects throughout, as well as a really nice Music Track what plays

Please note this Game has Spanish in game text, and documentation, I have also converted the documentation into English, Both versions will be on the Menu System and RP9

Code: Live Diego
Graphics: Live Diego
Music: Francisco Miguel Rivera

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