Mouth-Man is another good Pacman-clone, Written by Matthew J Barker in November 1991, This one has a variety of different levels, and the usual sounds you would expect, The Eating-Dots Sounds, The Eating Ghost Sounds, and Power Pellet Pickup Sounds, which are well done and feel nice and polished

There are Extra Bonuses, such as Ghost Peeler which Skins the Ghosts, Extra Power Pill, Ghost Repellent, Invincibility, Extra Live and even Goto Next Level which is rare

This allows 2 players gameplay as well, But not at the same time, unlike the Pacman (Kari) version which I recently reviewed, There are the normal standard Tunnels on this game, making you catapult to the opposite side of the level map, hopefully avoiding the Ghosts

When you first start, The first level plays slower than the others, I guess this was to slowly introduce you into the game, and the speed restriction appears to be lifted from Level 2 onwards

There are the usual 4 Ghosts, Pink is the fastest, Red always tends to follow you closely, so be aware of him, Cyan does not want to come near you much, and Orange who is really slow, and practically an easy pushover

There are 12 levels included, well it was released as Shareware after all, and there is a Maze Editor, which takes some getting into with special joystick movements needed to enable the option, which I have forgotten, I did used to know it, although it will be revealed if you complete the 12 levels apparently (never got there, sorry)

Above all, Mouth-Man is a well made, good Pacman-clone, it has decent sounds, decent sprites, the gameplay area is nicely laid out, there is a High Score in the center-middle-right of the screen, with the Player 1 Score being top-right, and Player 2 Score being bottom-right

NOTES: Must be run under Kickstart 1.3 as there are slight Graphical Glitches under Kickstart 2/3

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