This time its Amiga Boulder Dash by Jeff Bevis in 1993

You control Rockford whos task is to dig through the dirt to collect enough diamonds to open the level exit, while doing this you need to avoid falling Boulders and Diamonds and Nasties what inhabit the levels

There are 2 types of Wall, one which is solid with 4 holes in, These are static and will not move, and anything what falls on top of it, will stay in place unless it can be pushed either left or right if there is a gap, to make it move along, or if it is at the end, fall off further down the map

There is also a whiteish brick wall, This acts differently, If a Boulder or Diamond falls onto this block and there is a gap to the left or right of it, The Diamond/Boulder will fall off and travel downwards until it hits another block or dirt, where it will stop

The main enemies are a Butterfly which will kill you, But if hit from above with a Boulder will smash into Diamonds which can be collected

There are also a Pulsating Firefly which will also kill you, But these do not drop any diamonds, rather they explode and leave a big gap in the dust

Sometimes you will also come across Enchanted Walls, these magical things will convert Boulders into Diamonds and Diamonds into Boulders, so ideally throw all the Boulders down through it, They also have a limited time when they are active

A good tip for Magic Walls is this: Clear out the lower side of it first, flattening any boulders to the ground, Leave 1 line just above the Wall, while clearing out the rest leaving it in a cup-style design |_| then when all the boulders have been pushed into the Cup-part, Remove the lower peice of Dirt, and watch them all fall through!

This version of the Game is pretty good, has a Workbench Level Selector, and comes with 3 sets of Levels which load in then you can hit PLAY and really begin exploring and collecting those Diamonds!

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