This is Klawz The Cat by Grand Master Design in 1993, Written in AMOS

In this Game, you have to collect the small square dots on the level, while you are being persued by some evil robot dogs what have been released, they also move around quite randomly, and can change direction in a heartbeat, and they kill instantly on touch

You do have a club as a weapon, which you can knock them out for a few seconds, do not hang around or they will awaken again and kill you on touch

The levels are pretty well designed, and you have a blue bar at the bottom, which displays your current score, lives, time to complete the level, and the highest score in the Game so far

There is some pretty nice Title Screen Music, and in-game you have sound when you collect the square dots, and a pow! type sound when a robot dog hits you

Developer: Grand Master Design
Code: Scott Hayne
Graphics: David Simcox
Music: Darren Cook

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