This time around it is Top Secret, Originally featured in Amiga Power Magazine way back in 1992, Wow how time files eh?

In Top Secret, You are the Purple Guy with the Bombs, and you need to collect all the Floppy Disks in order to proceed through the game (Remember those? haha!) while avoiding the Squirrels (which can be dispatched if you Bomb them, then collect the corpse before it respawns), and a flying Blue Bird (again which can be Bombed with 2 Bombs and collected to stop it respawning)

It may seem simple at first, But if you take too long an un-killable Fast White Mouse appears, and will move across the bottom of the screen and climb ladders to get you (It will not climb ladders at the sides of the screen however, which can be used to your advantage)

When the Fast Mouse appears, this does make the game tricky but not entirely impossible if you time your moves correctly (eg. moving right up a ladder, while the mouse moves left out of your way)

The gameplay itself is pretty poor in comparison to other platformers, and you wont find yourself coming back for more on a regular basis, especially if you take your time, and keep getting that un-killable Mouse chasing you down, which becomes an annoyance on later levels, and in reality just ruins the whole game in such a way, You just do not want to bother with it ever again

There is no in-game sound effects, But there is some background music playing which constantly loops throughout the game, and is in general quite nice music, while it is nice music, You do not want to listen to it on Full Volume

On closing, I think they made the characters rather big on a 1-screen small map, I would have liked to see smaller characters or even a larger map to accommodate the characters as-is, as it stands now, it just looks a complete mess quite frankly, and while it is playable, it is lacking in terms of gameplay content, and the size of the level itself

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