Fruit Salad is quite a decent platformer, Created by Scott Hayne in 1993, In Fruit Salad, You play as Brewster, It starts off showing Brewster and his mates playing and jumping around, then the Evil Triax appears, and Brewster hides behind a bush, while Triax converts your friends into enemies, leaving poor Brewster to rescue his friends

The aim of the game is to collect the Gems, while avoiding the enemies on each level, once all Gems are collected, the Level Exit will show (A Big Arrow) and you have to get there without being killed off

There are also letters and powerups which will spawn around the map, The letters if collected in any order will spell “GAME UP” and give you a Bonus Surf Game to play, whereas the Powerups are (F)reeze (B)onus (T)urbo and (S)hield, which give you the respective powerup for a short time

The Title Music is very nice to listen to, The in-game sounds are limited to a Jumping Sound and a Die Sound, and a voiceover which says “Lets get to work”, and upon completing a level it will say “The workaholic” which is a nice touch to the game

Gameplay itself is very good indeed, You can jump between platforms, collecting Gems and Powerups while avoiding the enemies, This game has quite a selection of levels, some easy, some hard, and will keep you glued for a few hours, There are sadly no save points, But Level Passwords are displayed every 5 levels, so that helps you resume the game

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