Snake Pit is a game by MKSoft Development, way back in 1988, and the objective of this very simple game, is to collect the gems on each level, while avoiding your own growing body and tail, as if you touch your body or your tail, you lose a live, luckily this game is pretty generous with lives and you can pretty much proceed very far through the game without little effort at all, making several trips around the game board due to your ever increasing Snake length

It has a drum-beat style background music which loops around, sadly although it is initially pleasing to listen to, you do find turning it off and playing your own tunes is much nicer than listening to a repeated drum-beat soundtrack, while you play the game

What brings me back to this game constantly is its playability, and you always seem to find quicker ways to complete the levels having played them for a while, as you tend to find new ways of beating a level the more you play it

There is a High Score Table, and for some strange reason, while you can configure the Keyboard Controls, it uses the familliar WASD keyboard keys from PC Gaming, sadly it seems you cannot use the actual Arrow Keys to play, and there does not appear to be any way to play this via a Joystick (eg. the defaults of which are on the Keyboard Arrow Keys and Right Ctrl Key (Keyset 2 in WinUAE)

I fondly remember this game, I used to play it for hours and hours sometimes in my bedroom as a teenager, and while its background music is quite pants, the gameplay itself and level design does make you yearn for more, I am not entirely sure how many levels there is in the game, since I have not yet completed it, although from the outset, there is plenty here to keep you coming back again and again, if of course you do like Snake-themed Games

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