Chippy In Perils with Plumbers

This is Chippy The Cat in Perils with Plumbers by Andrew Lee

In this simple Game, your task is to collect the Plungers dotted around the level, while avoiding the enemies on screen, because when you touch them, they will kill you and take 2 Plungers from you

You also have a time limit to collect the Plungers and once that evaporates, its Game Over

The level is laid out as platforms, and there are enemies what patrol some of these platforms, the only thing you can do as the Cat is jump and move along these platforms, therefore the only way to avoid these enemies is to jump over them, or move to another platform before they can get you

The scoreboard is at the top on this Game, and it vanishes while you are on the top level, and will return back on screen once you move away from the top

There are some sound effects, when you pick up items, and when you are caught by an enemy, and music on the title screen as well

For me personally it would have been good to be able to shoot or freeze the enemies in position for a short while, as their movement, along with the level design/layout makes this Game quite challenging to play

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