This Scam surrounds Crypto Currency (Yep that old chestnut), where they ask you if you have a computer, so I said NO, Because I know it is another Scam

They then proceeded to say I have £8000 in a dormant Crypto Currency Account – I have never used Crypto so I know immediately this was a SCAM, But I want to warn others about such scams, so I have detailed it as much as possible below, so you can AVOID getting caught up by this SCAM

Then they asked me to download AnyDesk to my Phone/Tablet so they can access it

WARNING -> AnyDesk gives them FULL ACCESS over your device, They can control it IN FULL, Open Apps like Banking Apps, Browse around your files, perhaps even download your files off your device, and they will probably ask you to login and so on

NOTE: When their access request came up, it did mention “Potential Scam” and I never continued access, as I acted dumb, and wanted to know how else they could do it, even asked for them to send me a Cheque, which they promptly declined, saying they cannot send Crypto as a Cheque (haha!)

NEVER GO ANY FURTHER with these kind of requests – EVER!

Anyway eventually they got to the real reason why they called, To get access to your Bank Statements, This is so they can drain your account of its money, as they tried asking me to sign in (I do not do Online Banking because of such security issues, I personally do not trust the apps are as secure as they say they are)

Because I could not provide any Bank Statements to them, They suggested they will ring back tomorrow night, and that I should goto my Bank in the morning and request a Bank Statement so I could email it to them when they ring back

PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS – ON YOUR STATEMENT IS VARIOUS NUMBERS, such as your Account Number, Full Name, usually Address as well

These parts of your Personal Data can be used against you, maybe to open other Bank Accounts, or even open a Credit Card in your name, and they can then spend on that account, and you would be liable for the costs incurred

I go through with the Scam until Private Information is requested, as I want to let YOU know how to protect yourselves from these types of Scams

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