The Commercial Game of the month this time is BRAT, by Foursfield/Imageworks in 1991

While I added the Demo of this Game to the Games Collection way back in August 2023, I did not for some weird reason post this review in the same month, so here it is below:

You star as BRAT, and in this fully mouse controlled game, you need to navigate your little BRAT, around the level, picking up items, such as Bombs which can be used to blow up Rocks for example, and getting to the end, avoiding things like Cars and Rocks which will make you turn around

You must keep your BRAT on screen at all times, as if you navigate him off screen, you will lose a life, the screen scrolls down at a set speed, and you only have a few seconds to place down the next direction tile or use an item

So lay those arrows, collect the items and together you and your BRAT can conquer the levels, and get that ever larger High Score, Can you do better than me? – I bet you can

The graphics for the game are very well designed, and along with the quite nice music, I think you will find it a pleasure playing this mouse-controlled gaming goodness

NOTE: Playable Game Works best in Kickstart 1.2 so is provided as an ADF File (under emulation at least) – If you use KS1.3/2.x/3.x you will get Graphical Glitches

Publisher: Imageworks
Developer: Foursfield
Code: Colin Reed, Keiron O’Mahoney, Stefan Ufnowski
Graphics: Steve Green
Music: Bjørn Lynne

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