Cannon Fodder has to be one of my all time favourite games, Released in 1993 by Sensible Software, Your aim is to use your little green soldiers, to kill, and blow up the enemy (in blue) and any houses/huts they have, while trying to survive and go onto the Next Mission.

After each Mission you are taken back to Boot Hill, which will show your gravestones of your dead soldiers, along with a football-style score at the top, eg. HOME 44 : 0 AWAY, which will increase as the Missions progress along.

Each Mission can have several Phases which must all be completed before you can return to Boot Hill to save your progress, Mission 12 has 6 phases for example, and in Phase 6, You have to blow up a central door with a roof turret, this mission I found hard to do, and it can take several attempts at getting it done

There are a total of 23 Missions, each divided into Phases, for a total of 72 levels of non-stop fun, There are several scenes, ranging from Desert, Jungle and Snow, some which have vehicles you can drive, with or without weapons, which can be used to mow down the enemy soldiers, and/or shoot at them for land based vehicles, There are also helicopters, again with or without ammo, sometimes they can get just bullets, other times you can get bombs, and if you are lucky, rockets which can destroy the heavy armoured buildings in the level.

It is fully mouse controlled, and your Left Mouse button fires Bullets, while your Right Mouse Button fires Bombs, each level has its unique charm, and also the way you progress through it, along with some really lovely sound effects throughout

The Introduction screen features the poppy, which the game drew much criticism for, the game was released with a soldier on the box art, but the in-game title screen poppy remained, and the introduction music has lyrics attached which some may now find offensive due to what they say, But this can be skipped and then you insert Disk 2 to the Boot Hill Theme which is very nicely made music (no lyrics), When the Mission loads, there is another tune playing in the background while it loads, after which the details of the Mission appear, such as “Destroy Enemy Buildings” and “Get Civilian Home”

The Demos Cannon Fodder Plus (WHDLoad Version) and Cannon Soccer (WHDLoad Version) are both included on the Games Collection and RP9 Files

If you want to play Cannon Fodder on the PC, There is an Open-Source engine called Open Fodder which allows you to play some Demo Maps to begin with, although you can *optionally* purchase the PC Versions of Cannon Fodder & Cannon Fodder 2 from GOG.COM so you can play the Full Original Versions via the Open Fodder Game Engine

Please read more about it on Wikipedia:

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