Deluxe Pacman is a great version of Pacman, Written by the Late Edgar M. Vigdal, this game is so much nicer than Pacman, it has powerups, lovely background music on both the main menu and high score boards (sometimes it can have modified music, But you can reinstate the original and best music, if you delete the “Pacman.Music1/2” files from the disk (on versions prior to and including 1.4, later versions have different music, which if removed, result in silence)

The Ghosts follow you around the maze in random order, and their eyes follow your Pacman character, even if they are travelling in the opposite direction, each maze gets increasingly difficult, special items appear near the middle of the screen, and you have the standard 4 Power Pellets, which turn the ghosts blue for a shorter time as each level passes, to the point they will effectively become totally useless, turning the ghosts blue for less than a second

The sound effects are also well done and nice to listen to, from eating the pellets, to the power pellets, to item pickups, and even eating ghosts, This is a well and truly great game to play, and I do find myself playing it a lot, as my Late Mum also loved this game, and played it a lot as well, she was quite addicted to it, and in a way, I suppose I am also very addicted to this version of Pacman as well

When I found out Edgar had passed on, I was really upset, he was such a good programmer, and made so many lovely games, even re-created Deluxe Pacman for the PC, although it is called Deluxe Pocmon since there are other versions of Deluxe Pacman on the PC, Find out more about the Late Great Edgar here: and if you want to try the PC version of Deluxe Pocmon, or even buy it, Please go here:

NOTE: Photos above are from the Amiga Version of Deluxe Pacman, This game was also featured on Twitter (2020-09-28), before the AmigaBoing website was created, so I have put up this full review here as a lasting tribute, to both Edgar for creating such a masterpiece, and to highlight just how good this game truly is

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