This time it is Alien Fish Finger, from 1995, by David Cruickshank

You take control of “Frank Finger” who is thrust into an Alien World, and your mission is to save Earth from the deadly aliens

Your weapon of choice is a Shooter, and also you have a Grenade Launcher as well, which can be used to blast away lots of Aliens at once, although the Grenades can also harm you so be sure not to fire them near to yourself

You need to complete a series of Missions set by your HQ, from picking up various items dotted around the Planets Surface, while shooting the Aliens what get in your way

Each time you kill an Alien, you can grab its drops, from Weapon Upgrades and Special Letters which when all collected spell “Extra” and you get an Extra Man

You have a Health Bar, along with a number of Men which are your Lives, losing all these means Game Over

What is quite unique for this Game, is that it records all your Dead Bodies on the map, along with your achievements and scores which are written when you quit

This version is 1.31, which is released as Charityware, and David would like you to support his charity, Cancer Research, by donating to his Just Giving page

David also talks about the Game on the EAB Forum, Feel free to check it out

Design: David J. Cruickshank
Coder: David J. Cruickshank
Graphics: David J. Cruickshank

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