Here we have Pong 4K by Haunted House in 2018

This game is a new take on the Classic Pong Games you may know from the Arcades and Home Computers

The Game takes place in a Big Arena, which is just slightly bigger than the screen view, meaning when you are off screen, you can see an arrow pointing to the rough place where you are positioned

Your aim is of course to keep the ball in play, and make your opponent lose, you move left and right, and also have a push ability, which can be used to push the ball at speed away from you

In the middle of the arena there is an enemy what can push the ball in several directions, and sometimes there can be 4 fixed points what will redirect the ball as well

There is a timer at the bottom middle, once that runs out, the round is over, above the timer is the top players score, and below it is your opponents score

Publisher: CD Label
Developer: Haunted House
Coder: Cobe
Graphics: Koyot1222
Music: Slavko Goatmare Kozomora

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