This is Buzzy by Amiot Loïc in 1998

On loading a pretty nice intro sequence begins, while you can skip this, I think it is well worth watching to the very end, very nicely done introduction to the game

Once you start the game, you appear as a bouncing ball with a rather large nose, your mission is to collect all the items on the level, such as mushrooms, which will build up your points

There are some springs around which will help you boost your jumps to reach high platform areas

Along the way there are spikes, and should you touch these, you get hurt, so ideally they are best avoided, if you accidentally hit them too much, you will POP! and that will cost you a life, or the game if you do not have any lives left

You then need to find a Black and White Flag in order to complete the level, and move onto the next

There are some nice sound effects included, such as bouncing sounds, and splash when you enter water areas, which can also contain hidden items to collect as well

Code: Amiot Loïc
Graphics: Amiot Loïc
Music: Amiot Loïc

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