Trix by G.Hales is a simple “fill the screen in” type-of-game, which is similar to Qix from the Arcades, You get points for filling the screen above a preset fill level (eg. 60%) which increases over time, making it more difficult

Unusually for this game, there is no Title Screen Graphics, it simply starts off in-game!

You begin on a large screen, with (in this case) Trix, where you are tasked to cover over a certain percentage of screen while avoiding the Enemies which move around the sides of the grid, and onto the parts you have drawn, along with another Enemy which follows you along the drawn line until you complete it, if you fail to complete the line or you fail to move off the side lines when the other Enemies turn up, A Life will be taken from you

In the middle of the screen is another large Enemy which pulsates as lines around the area, one hit from this guy costs you a Life

The gameplay is rather simple and repetitive, there are sound effects with the game, one sound for the Pulsating Lines Enemy, and a Buzzing Drone sound, and the Death Sound which adds to the overall gameplay

Trix is a very well designed game, and it is quite playable for hours sometimes I find myself playing this into the late hours, without realising it, while people who have played its Arcade Counterpart will agree, Trix is a good recreation of it, it may lack some features of the Arcade edition, But the game itself seems well polished and created

NOTE: Must be run under Kickstart 1.3 as running it under Kickstart 2/3 will cause the Player to Constantly Die until Game Over appears

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