This is Looty, Written by Mark Hogben in 1993

As you can probably guess, this is based on the ZX Spectrum/Commodore 64 game Booty, you are a Cabin Boy, whos task is to explore around while stealing lots of treasure from the evil pirates

You do need to keep an eye out for booby-trapped treasure which will turn into a Bomb and will blow up and cost you a life, ideally running past each Treasure you pick up so that the explosion does not get you

On each screen there are other doors which lead to other screens, keys to unlock doors are on each level, and you pick them up by walking over them

Enemies such as pirates will walk along the platforms, and turn around when they bump the edge wall or even a door, and will of course cost you a life if you run into them

This is not a bad version of Booty, and the Music is not bad either, The Graphics are fresh and vibrant, and the gameplay quite challenging throughout

There is a Version 2 of Looty which can be downloaded free, or you can optionally “name your own price” at the website

Code: Mark Hogben

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