It is time for Apple Jack, another AGA Game by Omega Design in 1994

This as you can probably tell is very similar to Mr.Do from the Arcades, where you need to collect the Cherries, Push Apples onto the Sour Grapes (Enemies) to kill them

Once all the Sour Grapes have left the center square, if you pick up the Goody, You will then get the EXTRA man to appear, along with his Bitter Lemons who will follow you and try to kill you

You can also destroy Enemies by pushing an Apple onto them, or above them, which will then crush them underneath and split in two

You complete the level either by collecting all the Cherries, or killing all the Sour Grape Enemies

Similar Games to this are Bob’s Garden (also Amiga) and Mr.Do (Arcade)

Developer: Omega Design
Code: Neal Goodwin
Graphics: Tony Jones
Music: Nick Morison

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