Advanced Lawnmower Simulator

Well this rather dull and boring “Joke” game is called Advanced?! Lawnmower Simulator and was written in AMOS by Team 4.5 in 1994

The whole point of the Game is to Mow the Lawn, that is basically it, you have ONE working mower out of 5 to do this very taxing and difficult job

There are no enemies, no pickups, no high score table, no nothing, only you and the 1 working mower, and a full garden worth of grass to mow

Basically you press 5, the only working mower, and press your Fire Button, and that is the whole Game, yep, that is it, no kidding, just try it for yourself, and enjoy the dull and boring task of mowing the lawn

The Game docs also mention this Game was created as an “Joke”, which I would read before even attempting to Mow The Lawn

According to the docs, at the time for “A POUND” (Thanks to The Late Peter Butterworth, Played Josh Fiddler in Carry On Camping) you could send off for the Source Code, no doubt covered in GOLD, and shinier than a £1 coin lol – Not that it would have been much to look at, since it was coded in Easy AMOS, which is even more of a surprise that a game like this could even be coded in such a limited AMOS Environment

Publisher: Amiga Power
Developer: Team 4.5
Code: Kieron Gillen
Graphics: Kieron Gillen

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