The Christmas Eve Game is Beavis and Butthead Dominoes by Feedback/The Unicorn, Written in AMOS in 1994

This game is pretty simple to play if you are familliar with how to play Dominoes of course, A Domino gets placed down on the Game Board when you start, and on the right hand side, is your set of Dominoes, which you must pick a matching one to the right side of the shown Domino

For example if it showed a 6 and a 3, then you would need to pick a 3 to join onto the end of it, and then another gets placed by the Computer, and you then pick a domino to match that, and so on

If you cannot match the onscreen domino, You can press the “PAK” button at the bottom right, which will grab another Domino from the pack, if this does not match, you can press it again to draw another, and if you get no match, you can also press this button to pass to the computer player

You can at any time during Gameplay click the Right Mouse Button to view some Statistics about the Game

At the end you either get a Lose Screen when Butthead saying “I hereby sentence you to death by” (it is not completed heh), or a Win screen with them singing, at this point you can Start A New Game by clicking “JA” or Quit the Game by pressing “NEE” which will Quit the Game

This game is well designed, although the colour scheme for me personally is garish and ugly, it plays exactly as it is supposed to do, and has some decent sound effects from both Beavis and Butthead during Gameplay and even on the initial Loading screen, which adds to the atmosphere overall

Code: The Unicorn
Graphics: The Raver/The Unicorn
Samples: The Raver

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