This one is called Wibble World Giddy by Phil Ruston in 1993

In Giddy you must solve tasks along the way to progress in each level, This version was given away on The One Amiga, Issue 59 in August 1993

Yes I know this is not F1 Licenceware, But it is a joint F1 Licenceware / Phil Ruston Month, and since this is a Game created by Phil Ruston it is being included, there is a sequel called Giddy II which was released under F1 Licenceware

Giddy begins in a strange forest, he now finds himself stuck here, trying to get home, and in order to do this, he must solve various puzzles, some are easy to master, while others will cause you headaches along the way

You appear as a huge egg, with somewhat even larger arms, which dance about as you move (almost with comic effect), where your items to pickup are shown at the top of the screen and can be cycled through in order to use them at preset points on the levels

Be careful of any enemies, as they will drain your life bar on touch (top-right of the screen), which will then cost you a life (shown top-left of the screen), many of them can be easily avoided by standing back and timing your jump over them

You can pick up coins which can be spent on certain items to progress, and even pickup items such as a water bucket, which can be used to put out a fire so you can proceed further on

If you are struggling to complete the Game, Try reading The One Amiga Issue 61 from October 1993

Code: Phil Ruston
Graphics: Phil Ruston
Music: Allister Brimble

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