The Amazing Adventures Of Harry Haddock

This absolute gem is called The Amazing Adventures Of Harry Haddock by Kev Gallagher in 1995

You star as Harry Haddock and your task is to collect all the items on each level, while avoiding enemies such as Crabs, Birds and so on

There are Gems, Coins, Cans, Stars and other collectible objects dotted around each level, even Cakes, all to collect, and Bonus Coins which usually involve a huge jump to collect them

Along the way you have to jump between Boats, Platforms, and jump over enemies in order to collect items, and get to the end of the level, This game is LOTS of fun to play

There is some really decent music included, on the Title Screen, it has the Baywatch Theme, and ingame it is Whigfields Saturday Night, both add some great atmosphere to the Game and make it enjoyable to play

Definately worth a look and play, I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Confusingly, Despite it mentioning “Documentation” in the actual Game, I have checked a few different disk versions and no actual documentation exists on any of them for this Game, so I have not been able to include it

Code: Kev Gallagher
Graphics: Andre Loukes
Music: Greg Radings

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