What do we have here, well it is Les Dennis Hangman, Created in AMOS by Ben Knapp / Tracysoft (LOL?)

While it is named “Les Dennis Hangman” the only “Les Dennis” reference in the game is the In Game Buzzer Sound and one simple “YES” sound effect from Les when you get the answer correct (No doubt ripped from UK Family Fortunes or something)

The basic rules of Hangman obviously apply, where you pick a random letter, and it either plays the Buzzer sound effect for a Wrong Guess, or Les Dennis says “YES” and the letter is revealed

You can at least add more words to the database by pressing “A” on the Title Screen, You could manually edit the file as well, provided the special line breaks are added after each word, otherwise the program will not load them correctly

You could certainly extend the original database of words to create quite a collection of words to guess, giving the Game some sort of longevity, But as-is, The Game is too short, and basically ends after each single word guessed correctly or incorrectly

I would have perhaps liked to see a Selection of Topics, such as “Science”, “History” and so on, with different word sets under each category, this might have gave the Game longevity, But as it stands, I think most people will get bored after 5-10 minutes of playing, which is a real shame

Each time you get it wrong, the screen shows the gallows being built up until you are hanged, and then Game Over appears

Sadly on closing, I feel this game could have been much more, It is not the best Hangman game out there, and sadly, it fails badly for me, For a start the only Les Dennis reference is the “YES” sound effect, There is absoultely no other references to Les, so naming it “Les Dennis Hangman” is kinda daft, one whole sound effect does not make a game “Les Dennis Hangman” in my opinion!

Such a shame it is a compiled AMOS Program, as if the Source HAD been available, maybe it could have actually been made into a better game, But certainly as it stands, its quite frankly, to coin the actual in-game phrase about the sound tracker.. “A BAG O’ SHITE!” and while it is, quite honestly, poorly coded, in the brilliant AMOS language – It really has NO PLACE in an AMOS-Month because of the above

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