Forgive me but I am actually well hyped over this game!

Mine Runner was made by Matthias Bock in April 2002 for the Amiga, and was originally Shareware, But is now Freeware (

It is based off Lode Runner (Arcades) where you have to collect all the Gold Bars (actually pictured as Red Blocks inside a White Border, while avoiding the Enemies (in Purple) who will steal the gold and carry it around with them, and who can kill you, making you restart the whole level from scratch – ACK!

To get past Enemies, you can either retreat or dig a hole for them to fall into, if they are then carrying any Gold, it will show above their heads for a short time, before they then climb out of the hole and come after you again

You can dig through any of the Bricks, except the ones which have no lines through them, and are solid in colour, these as they cannot be dug through, if you are on a platform with Enemies coming at you from both ends, its going to end with a loss of life

You have 5 lives at the beginning, and the level design is good, and appears to match the Arcade version, as well as that lovely music on both the Title Screen and also in-game, which actually works rather well, making it a pleasure to play and enjoy

This is definitely one I would highly recommend everyone try, its challenging, fun, and the background music is really nice, making it a hugely enjoyable experience

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