Digger is a great remake of the Arcade Classic “Dig-Dug” and works in exactly the same way, You start off in the middle of the screen, in which your aim is to kill off all the enemies to proceed

In order to defeat the enemies, You either need to inflate them with your equipped tool, or crush them under a rock, sounds easy, but after a short delay the enemies will leave their tunnels and start coming towards you, and as you can only inflate one at once, if two or more come, you will either have to crush them both under one rock, or one will ultimately kill you while you were inflating the other enemy

The strategy here is to defeat the enemies one by one, and then the last enemy on-screen will attempt to make a quick exit before its popped or crushed, so be ready near the top of the screen before you pop the second from last enemy, so you are in a position capable of catching that last enemy or you will lose him as he wanders off the screen

This remake is very well done, the sounds match the Arcade version, although in this version the music keeps playing even if you are not moving, the sound effects for the plunger are also present, and the graphics are also very nice and crisp for the Amiga

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