This Game is Blob Kombat, Written by Pink Pig Software in 1995

In this Game the object is to bounce on your opponents head 3 times to win the level

Player 1 controls the Pink Blob and Player 2 controls the Red Blob, sadly there is no Computer Opponents, so you really have to play with a friend which will make it more fun, otherwise you will have an easy time splatting the other player heh

There is some nice Title Screen Music, along with some decent ingame jump and splat! sounds when you kill your opponent

It is a very well designed Game, and if I had someone to play with (sigh) I could see myself purchasing the Full Version and spending a bit of time playing this

Since this is the Shareware version, it only appears to have 1 Level, and it does popup now and then a registration dialogue, which you need to clear by pressing the SPACEBAR

Code: Dave McGlashan
Music: Dave Llewellyn
Graphics: Dan Blackburn

Visits: 100

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