This time it is Bridge Ball by Rod Mack in 1991

The object of this rather simple Game is to move the Pipes and Platforms into position so the Ball will roll over them (or through them) so it can reach the dry grassland in the distance

Mostly all Platforms can be moved, although some are fixed in position, but the movable ones only have a limited “pick up” and “place down” before they are then fixed in position, so careful planning is required here

You also need to fully place the Item down before the Ball will travel through it, or over it, there is only one life here, so if the Ball drops into the Water it is Game Over

There is a simple Score at the top of the screen which will increase slightly with every new Pipe/Platform Placed down, as well as Completion Bonus

There is no Title Screen, and No Music, and some basic sound effects, and the Game instantly Starts when you load it, so you have to be ready, or you can of course restart at any time

On Closing, I feel this Game could have been made a little better, perhaps a simple “Bridge Ball – Press Mouse to Start” instead of going straight into Gameplay, and perhaps some nice music to listen to, But it is as Basic as a Game comes, and I guess someone may like to play it

Code: Rod Mack

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