Here’s yet another great classic game, This time made by Late Night Developments Corporation, Amoeba Invaders, is like all Space Invader Clones, Awesomely Great Fun to play!

Basically you have to shoot the enemies at the top (in Red, Green and Blue colours) while avoiding their fire which rains down upon you, There are 4 Yellow Bases which you can hide behind, which slowly get eaten away by the enemy shots and also your shots if you shoot while underneath one!

There is also a spaceship which pops up now and again and goes across the top of the screen, either in a left to right motion, or a right to left motion, it varies each time it appears, if one of your bullets catches and kills this, you get bonus points for it

The game itself is very well made, from the detailed graphics on screen, the the nice sound effects of firing your gun, and if an enemy hits you, the dying sound is also present, so is the Spaceship Sound

On the right of the screen is the Game Information, ie. the Creator at the very top, the Game Name follows that, then your Current Score, followed by the High Score, and your Bases (which is Lives basically), meaning you have 3 attempts at the game before the infamous Game Over shows, then you have 3 buttons on the lower part, Exit returns you back to Workbench, Start obviously starts the game, and Setup allows you to configure the keys you press to move the Gun Turret left, right, fire and pause buttons (By Default they are Left, Right, CTRL=Fire)

When the game starts, The Setup button changes name to Pause, which then allows you to Pause the game

NOTES: Only runs under Kickstart 1.3 – Under Kickstart 2/3 the Invaders will Glitch and look fixed in position, while they will still move around and fire at the player

TIP: If you open the Documentation on the Amiga-side you are presented by this Graphical Marvel:

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