Here’s another gem for you, in the form of Poweroids, by Matthias Bock, now released as Freeware!

Initially there are 3 Game Modes you can choose, by default it is set on Arcade Mode, which is the mode you will most likely be using all the time, as well as Battle Mode, and Battle Mode Hi-Res which are for 2-players and above, so you can play with a friend

This is an Asteroids-clone, where you pilot a space ship cruiser around the map, blasting the brown asteroids which appear at the edges and move about the playing area

Blasting the Asteroids will get you points based on the size, ie. small 100 points, medium, 50 points and large 10 points, they do overlap the screen and re-appear back at the opposite side until you have fully blasted them from existance

Occasionally there is a space ship (or flying saucer) which will appear, which will give you a 250 points bonus if you shoot and kill it

There is also a Baiter which appears at random, which when shot and killed will score you 1000 points!

Poweroids has some nice on screen graphics, which are very detailed, and there is also some decent Title Screen music as well, on loading, the Titles come in from the sides with a crashing motion, then the Title Theme plays, while the game cycles between various screens

Poweroids is a very good Asteroids-clone, and it stands out as one of the best Games I have seen on the Amiga, and for me personally, I like its appeal, its nicely written, plays well, and I still love having the odd blast even today, just to try and beat my previous score on the included High Score Table

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