Here we have Star Defender by Matthias Bock, which is a clone of Defender, where you must protect the humanoids from the Green Aliens what will fly in and kidnap them!

Your mission is to protect the Humanoids on the planet below, from the Green Aliens what will fly in to kidnap them

The screen scrolls fast when you move and change direction (which then positions your ship near the screen border, so you have a greater view of the playing area) in which you look around for the Green Aliens, and proceed to shoot them to oblivion, You also get an Extra Defender at 100000 points!

Your ship has a fast engine, a gun, and enough juice to do the mission, The weapon of choice is a quickfire laser, which shoots in bursts of fire

The enemies attack in waves, and as each new wave comes, it gets more difficult, You have to defeat all the Aliens before the Moon detonates

There is some music on the Title Screen, which is satisfying to listen to, While the Title Screen shows, it rotates amongst telling you what the Ships and Items are in the Game, to the High Score Table, this will rotate back and forth while the Music plays, You can also press ESC to Quit back to Workbench from this screen

Gameplay wise, this is well worth playing, You have a High Score Table to beat, and the longevity of the game will keep you hooked for hours, I got so carried away with this game while playing it for the review, Many Hours of Fun!

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