This is Croaker by Brian Grier from 1993

You start with your Frog at the bottom of the screen, and your task is to get it into one of the spaces at the top of the screen

While this may sound easy, You have to cross a road, which as levels progress, will get busier, and busier with traffic, making this more and more difficult

When you get to the central part, which you may think is safe, a Snake can sometimes appear and it randomly moves across the screen, which you must avoid, otherwise it will cost you a Frog

Once the central pathway has been passed, it is onto the logs, where you will navigate them without falling into the cold harsh water, which will cost you a life

Then finally on the last log, it is your last jump to feedom, which you must time well, otherwise you will hit your head on the wall, which will cost you a life

There is some pretty nice Croaky Title Screen music, and ingame you have Croaky sounds as your Frog moves around, as well as traffic noises, all the sounds are really nicely done, and are pleasant to listen to

Publisher: BMG Software
Code: Brian Grier
Graphics: Brian Grier
Music: Brad Grier
Sound: Brad Grier

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