Santa & Rudolph Do Christmas

Well what do we have here then, It is Santa and Rudolph by Ian West in 1993

This is a single-screen Game, written in AMOS, you can choose who to play as, either Santa or Rudolph, once the Game starts, you are in a wintery scene, and your task is to either shoot or avoid enemies, while picking up Presents and depositing them into the Igloos

There is a time limit, which is not shown on screen, but when its near, it will warn you with “HURRY UP” in the middle of the screen, and after a while all enemies on screen will turn into Suns and chase you around the map, they can be avoided quite easily though

This is a fun little Game to play and the Music is Great, also the Sound Effects are decent, which makes this one of the best Shoot ’em Ups I have seen in a long while

Code: Ian West
Graphics: Jonathan Eggelton
Music: Jonathan Eggelton

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