This is Checkers Conquest by Pete W. Storonskij in 1993

Checkers(USA) or Draughts(UK) as most people know is a 2-player Game where you need to beat your opponent, by moving your pieces around the board, jumping over the other players pieces until they have none left, thereby making you the winner

You can also play against the Computer and even let the Computer battle out against itself in a 2-Player Game

You need to move your counters to the opposite end of the Gameboard, while taking your opponents pieces and you move diagonally down or up the board to the opposite end, where you get Crowned and then can move in any diagonal direction

The Graphics are pretty good, The pieces are well designed, and have a Star in the middle, There is no music, But there are some decent well made Sound Effects which make up for the lack of Music

If you do need to make multiple jumps though, say taking 2 or more counters, then you do need to press the “Multiple Jumps” button, or the Game will simply return to the Other Player for their move, ideally the Game itself should know when multiple moves are possible, and this button should really not exist

You are also not forced to take a counter either, You can simply move any counter when it is your turn, in the standard directions of course

Code: Pete W. Storonskij

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