Megaworm which was written by Kirk D’Souza in Devpac 3, is a take on a Classic Worm Game, in which you have to pick up (in this case) White dots to progress through the levels, You can optionally play with a dumb computer player, well I say dumb, but on the earlier levels he can help out a lot, and also hinder you if he picks up one of the special pills which appear randomly throughout the game.

The Special Powerups are as follows: Light Green increases you speed for 10 seconds, Dark Green decreases speed, Purple doubles the length of your worm, Pink shortens your worm, Red gives you a new life, Orange gives you more points for moving, Blue turns all the worms Blue, so on a level with lots of barriers, this would make it more difficult for example, Light Blue gives Invunerability for 10 seconds, Yellow reverses the controls of the opposite player (so if computer gets this one, expect lots of fun heh), and Grey switches off the lights, so you can only see a small part of the screen around your snake for 20 seconds!

Megaworm is a very fun game, and has lots of powerups and bonuses, and a High Score table which encourages you to play it all over again, while I have never reached Level 50, I keep coming back due to its appeal and longevity, and especially on the earlier levels, welcome the computers help (until he gets a Yellow Pill) but as levels go on, You really have to turn off the useless computer player, and ideally replace it with a human player

Above all, Megaworm is fun for a few hours to pass the time on, It gets very challenging on later levels, with or without the Computers Help, and thats why it has a place in my heart, it is a very well made game

Code: Kirk D’Souza

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