Here we have Banana Islands by Alastair Murray in 1997

Many of you will notice similarities to Rainbow Islands, and yes, This Game is technically a PD version of Rainbow Islands in effect

The object of this Game is to make your way to the top of the screen, while collecting items, destroying enemies with your Bananas which you can Fire out in order to reach the Higher Levels

The Game itself has 3 Worlds, or 11 Levels, to complete so it is a short Game, But quite enjoyable to play

When you get killed, it spins you off into the distance, and then you come back in the same position to carry on the level

On finishing there is some Good Music included, and the Sound Effects are Great, but while the Music and Sounds are Great, Sadly it does have Jerky Graphics at times, and that can hinder your Gameplay somewhat

Code: Alastair Murray

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