This is The Kiwi’s Tale, Released in 2018 for CD32 and AGA, by Erik Hogan (Earok)

This is a fan-made sequel to The New Zealand Story, and is a platformer which contains 15 levels of non-stop fun

When you start, you are shown the map screen, which will show you the progress throughout the Game, then once you spawn in, you have the usual arrow style weapon which you can shoot out at enemies to kill them, and pickup anything they leave behind

There are also letters to pick up which are shown at the bottom left of the screen, as well as the number of items you have picked up, as well as a save kiwi and a direction arrow towards them, finally along with your current lives left

The levels are really well designed, and there are some pretty decent sound effects as well included, which all add to the atmosphere

You also have the opportunity to fly planes as well, and infact some enemies will use them in order to try and kill you

In some levels you have more than 1 kiwi to rescue, all of which will be pointed towards, so you should not miss any

The AGA version has been included in the Games Collection, and you can find out more about the Game, and even download it, from the Official Kiwi Tale Website

Design: Stephen Knightly, Matthew Gatland, Joshua Smyth, Kei Kasei
Conversion: Erik Hogan (Earok)
Music: Kahra Scott James, Poulima Salima, Daniel Thomas, Rhys Buter, Marshall Smith, Simone Bernacchia (JMD)

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