This time its the turn of 6K Pacman, also like 5K Invaders, this was coded in Amiga-E by Peter Gordon, Pacman of course, is a hero we all know, But so tiny, and compact, although due to the ghostie intelligence routines, it takes up a tiny bit more space than 5K Invaders, so it has been named 6K Pacman!

Most people know how to play Pacman, so I will not explain that here, Rather I will explain a little about the game, and what to expect when playing it!

The game starts out with Pacman in the middle, and 4 Ghosts in the Middle with non-standard colourscheme on them, When they emerge from the middle, they do pause the game slightly while they appear on the Game World, then constantly move around rather quickly after Pacman

Pacman has to run around, eating all the Dots and Power Pellets which then enable him to go Munch those Nasty Ghosts for a limited time, If you do get killed however, the whole level resets back to start, including all the Dots and Power Pellets, and then you get another chance to complete the level

The game has 3 differently designed levels to test out your Pacman skills, once all 3 have been completed, it resets back to Level 1 and continues until you lose all your lives, at which point it is Game Over, and it promptly returns you to the Simple Title Screen

Please visit the Peter Gordon website, which only seems to mention 5K Invaders, there is sadly no mention of 6K Pacman which is a shame

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