5K Invaders

This time around its 5K Invaders, and yes, this one program is so small, it can fit anywhere and is only 5576 bytes!

Created by Peter Gordon (http://www.petergordon.org.uk/stuff.php) its a very well made tiny game in a programming language called Amiga-E and its a good Space Invaders Clone

Despite its basic appearance, simple title screen, and small file size, it does indeed have Sound Effects like Enemy Movement Sounds, Fire sounds, and quite a few levels, 25 in total, although sadly no Flying Saucer, But do not let that put you off playing this gem!

It is a very well made game, and very tiny, so you can fit thousands of copies on a single Amiga Floppy Disk, and you cannot say that for ALL games now can ya? – So that is something Unique if nothing else!

As with all Space Invader clones, It is quite detailed, I have seen far worse, trust me!, has a nice warming kind of colour scheme, and is quite detailed in terms of the Players Ship, to the Bases and even the Aliens, which are well designed, There is a Score at the bottom middle of the screen, and also shows your lives at the bottom left

This is actually not a bad Space Invaders Clone, while it does look Basic, and yes in some ways it is, It is a very well made game, the graphics are nicely done, and the sounds compliment the game very well

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