This time around its 5K Invaders, and yes, this one program is so small, it can fit anywhere and is only 5576 bytes!

Created by Peter Gordon ( its a very well made tiny game in a programming language called Amiga-E and its a good Space Invaders Clone

Despite its basic appearance, simple title screen, and small file size, it does indeed have Sound Effects like Enemy Movement Sounds, Fire sounds, and quite a few levels, 25 in total, although sadly no Flying Saucer, But do not let that put you off playing this gem!

It is a very well made game, and very tiny, so you can fit thousands of copies on a single Amiga Floppy Disk, and you cannot say that for ALL games now can ya? – So that is something Unique if nothing else!

As with all Space Invader clones, It is quite detailed, I have seen far worse, trust me!, has a nice warming kind of colour scheme, and is quite detailed in terms of the Players Ship, to the Bases and even the Aliens, which are well designed, There is a Score at the bottom middle of the screen, and also shows your lives at the bottom left

This is actually not a bad Space Invaders Clone, while it does look Basic, and yes in some ways it is, It is a very well made game, the graphics are nicely done, and the sounds compliment the game very well

Please visit the Peter Gordon website, which only seems to mention 5K Invaders, there is sadly no mention of 6K Pacman which is a shame

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